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Estate Sale Services - Texas, Louisiana, & Elsewhere


iscover the Joy of Estate Sales:

Estate Sale Company owner Vivian Duplant hold estate sales in Austin, Beaumont, Houston, Dallas and through Texas

Estate Sales by Vivian offers the very best estate sales anywhere. One visit to an estate sale held by our estate sales company and you will see exactly why so many families turn to Estate Sales by Vivian for estate sale and liquidation needs. The quality of our services and experience of our staff have helped us become one of the nation's largest and most popular estate sales services. No one handles more estate sales in the entire United States than Estate Sales by Vivian. 

giftshopadWe also offer Estate Sale Services in Austin, in the Dallas Metroplex, Houston, throughout the states of Texas and Louisiana. For more information visit the Austin Estate Sales Page  or the Dallas Estate Sales PageOur estate sale services are available throughout the country for higher end estates.

Estate Sales in the Beaumont, TX (Texas) and the Southeast Texas area, as well as throughout the state of Texas & Louisiana provide a great opportunity for anyone to purchase high quality items at reasonable prices. 

Vivian and Estate Sales Team Member, Michael Mathews, are Certified Appraisers (Certified Appraisal Guild of America).

What's for sale:

Estate sales Austin estate sales Beaumont texasPart of the joy of an Estate Sale is due to the fact that there is literally something for everyone. Whether you are looking for fine caga2furniture for your home, a set of vintage china, fine antiques, beautiful lamps, jewelry, books, collectibles, garden tools, kitchenware, a lawn mower, sheets & linens, bric-a-brac, kitchen utensils, rugs, garden decor, or just about anything else you can name -- Estate Sales are where you will find it.  Estate sales are free to attend and they have something for everyone.

Join our Mailing List:

Estate Sale company pictures - estate sales in Austin Texas, Beaumont, TX, Houston, Dallas, SW LouisianaBe the first to find out about upcoming estate sales. You can join our mailing list and receive an email that gives you details about future estate sales.

Mailing list members also receive invitations to our exclusive private estate sales. Join our mailing list. It is FREE!!  As of December 1st, 2012 our estate sale company has over 3,600 members on out southeast Texas Estate Sale list (we send emails to similar numbers of people for our estate sales in Dallas and Austin).

CLICK HERE for more information or to join our estate sale mailing list. Be the first to learn about the next Estate Sale in Beaumont, TX (Texas); Dallas, Texas; Austin, Texas; or Southeast Texas area Estate Sales.



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